Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thankful for Doodle Helpers

 Doodle Doggies make the very best helpers ever.  They are always there to lend a helping paw whenever you need them. They also know how to give the very best hugs and snuggles which makes everything better. Some Doodle Doggies go one step further and become Official Therapy Doodles.  They take their jobs seriously and bring comfort and joy wherever they go. Here is a note from a Yesteryear Acres Therapy Doodle Puppy in training at his place of work in a Nursing Home.
Today I had my first official on site training to be a therapy doggie!!! I did SO well! Everyone loves me (of course!) and I got so many cuddles! Mom told me there is only ONE place that therapy doggies can never ever go and that's the dining room. That's the BEST smelling room! But I listened to my mom and I waited, boy was it hard to wait... but look at me!!! I'm such a good doodle doggie!
We are so thankful for our Yesteryear Acres Therapy Doodles!!!!!

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