Sunday, November 29, 2020

Thankful For A Wonderful Hello

 Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have said goodbye to several of our furry family members within this past year.  We lost our beloved Scooter, our beautiful horse Buckwheat and then our Bengal kitty Simba.  There have been so many tears shed. Simba's brother Samurai has been missing his brother and my heart was feeling sad and empty. Yesterday, Mr. Yesteryear Acres took me on a surprise adventure, and I am so deeply and completely grateful for the most wonderful hello.....
Meet Mulan!!!
Thank you SO much Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!!!
She has filled my heart with so much joy!
Mulan is a 12 week old Silver Bengal
Samurai says, "Thank you for my new sister!!!!!"
Merlin says, "Thank you for my newest best friend!"
She is so snuggly sweet
and is very good at answering emails!
My heart and my lap are full once again!
Hello Mulan!
Welcome to Yesteryear Acres!!!!

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