Friday, November 20, 2020

Thankful for the Time We Had

 In August I received the devastating diagnosis that my 5 year old Bengal cat Simba was terminal. Last night we had to say goodbye to the very best cat I have ever owned.
We brought Samurai and Simba to Yesteryear Acres in 2015
Bestest brother friends
Our little toy poodle Scooter loved their warm hugs!
So did I!!!!
Simba was more like a dog than a cat. 
He came when he was called, played fetch so well that he even taught puppies to play fetch, and followed us wherever we went.
I mean no matter what we were doing
Simba was the most faithful companion
His favorite holiday was Christmas
and loved decorating the tree!
His ladder climbing skills were excellent!
I know his brother Samurai is going to miss him so much
And my lap will never feel the same 
Last night's sky filled with the most beautiful colors right before we said our final goodbyes.  I think Simba was thanking us for the very best life and I was thanking him for all his love.
Rest in Peace Simba
We love you forever

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