Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Operation Save the Fishies!

 Every year we use dye to color the Yesteryear Acres pond blue. The blue coloring adds a layer of protection to our sweet fishes from birds of prey that try and swoop them up for their next meal. This year we have already seen Great Blue Herons, a Green Heron, an Osprey, and an Eagle. After we spent a good portion of an afternoon trying to deter a very determined osprey, today was Operation Save the Fishies!! Good thing I have 2 excellent helpers who had their paws on the case!

Team Expert Blue is on the scene!
Before the blue dye is added
"Hey Mr. Yesteryear Acres, this looks like the perfect sPAWt"
Here we go!
Expert pour, Professor Maverick definitely approves
Here you go fishes!
It is the perfect day for Operation Save the Fishies
I love how the blue dye disperses into the water, it looks like a painting of the ocean
It is so mesmerizing
Ernie McDoodle agrees!
Maverick says, "Man we are doing the best job Ernie"
It is starting to reach the other side of the pond already!
Don't worry fish! You'll be much safer soon!
Another perfect dye toss by Mr. Yesteryear Acres
"Let me know if you need me to lend a paw!"
"Dang he is good, 10 out of 10"
Experienced dyer of pond tip #1- Always wear gloves
Time for the wind to stir it all together!
Don't worry little guys! The blue is coming your way soon!
Experienced dyer of pond tip #2- Always have your dogs on a leash... Unless you would like a Smurf for a doodle!
Operation Save the Fishies has been a success! That is one beautifully blue pond!!



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