Friday, November 18, 2022

Snow What FriYAY

 The weather was still cold today and we even had several really good snow showers.  Feels like the Holiday Season is getting near!!!  Our four available Doodle puppies said, "SNOW WHAT!  Let's play!!!!!"
We love the cold weather!
It makes for a Frosty Fun FriYAY!!!!

Thanks for taking us out for recess!
Let's race!!!!
We won!!!!
Mr. Nautical Collar boy says, 
"Frosty Friends...
make the best friends!!!!"
William says, "Mr. Gummy Bear has the cutest nose in the whole world!"
Thanks William!!!!
Mr. Blue Argyle Collar boy says, "My nose is pretty cute too"
William says, "It sure is!!!!!"
William's favorite is Mr. Red Lava Collar boy
He is an armful of love every day!
Happy FriYAY everyone!!!
Please let us know if you would love one of these cuties to warm your heart no matter what the weather brings!

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