Sunday, February 16, 2020

Maverick and Ernie's Failed Plan

With all the wintery mix type weather we have had this season, my two Doodles were in desperate need of a bath. I think they found every single melted mud patch available on our winter hikes. We were at the point where no amount of wandering through creek water would get the Doodles clean enough for snuggling without going, 
Isn't that right boys?
"Maybe if we don't look at her, she won't give us a bath..."
*an hour and a half later last night*
Well that plan didn't work, did it Professor Maverick?
Look Ernie! You are a red doodle again!! You'll both thank me in the morning...
Good morning cuddles restored!!
Life is certainly RUFF in the Always Amelia Clan
But boy oh boy do my Doodles smell so much better!!
Now to try and keep them clean, at least for the moment!


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