Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: Mom, PLEASE! I Need a Haircut

It is no secret that I am biased to the fluffiness that comes with our doodle doggies. I just love their curly or shaggy hair!! THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE!!! However, one Ernie McDoodle told me last week that enough was enough. He was hot, he was tangled from old snowberries (even after countless hours getting brushed), and he couldn't see anymore. I tried to appease him by giving him a little top knot man bun, but Ernie said that was a big ole "NO" and then gave me the saddest face that just said... 
"Please Mom, PLEASE, just give me a haircut, I REALLY NEED A HAIRCUT!!!

Finally giving in, I grabbed my buzzers and set to work. A few hours
Ta Da!! One Doodle happily shaved and ready for spring!

There was a good chance that Ernie was right.. That's a lot of hair!
Someone is feeling their new do!
Maverick also is resting quite happily after his haircut too!
And even though I love their long doodle hair, I do love them trimmed and as soft as the Velveteen Rabbit! Maverick and Ernie are extra cuddly too!
That's what I call a Win-Win!



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