Sunday, February 9, 2020

Snowberry Season

Our Doodle Doggies are experts in snowberries.  They make sure to bring home as many snowberries as possible! They have created an easy step-by-step instructional blog on how to enjoy snowberries this season.
Step One - Taste the snow 
Step Two - Savor your snow cone
Step Three - "Mmmmmm" 
Step Four - Sweep the snow from the field with your paws 
Step Five - Use entire body to insure an even snow coating 
Step Six - (The Most Crucial Step) - Elicit the help of your brother 
Step Seven - TRICKED YOU!  
Step Eight - Watch your brother complete all seven steps!
Please don't talk about Step Nine.... 
 Step Nine - Show your human mom what you have done
Step 10 - Secretly admire how awesome your paw looks 
Step 11 - wait your turn for the warm water soak!
Step 12 - the Final Step -----
Do it Again!!!!

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