Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: An ICE Day for a Walk

Today we woke up to an icy winter wonderland, and one of Ernie McDoodle's favorite things in the whole wide world is ice! He looked at me and said, "Hey Mom, isn't today an ICE day for a walk?"
Look at all this ice!!
It is an interesting day when the trees are ice but the pond is not!
This is quite the puzzle! I must figure what else is ice! 
Come on Maverick!
Look Ernie! The field and the woods are all ice too!
Mmm crunchy frozen sticks and leaves!
Ernie isn't it beautiful?!
It sure is!! Ohhh did you see this sparkly shrub?
Oh that is a good one Ernie!!
Come on! Let's see what else we can find that is covered in ice!
Oh Ernie! You make every day a good day!

You were right my silly doodle! It was a very ICE day for a walk!



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