Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Just When You Think You've Escaped...

Today Maverick would like everyones deepest sympathies. He has escaped his haircut for a solid three weeks, but just when he started to get comfortable with the idea that I forgot he needed a trim, today was THE day 
The weather was perfectly sunny with a lovely spring breeze, Maverick was having the time of his life. 
Running around the fields, playing with his friends, chasing his ball, and then.....
 TRAGEDY STRUCK. I Amelia, walked out of the house with my grooming bag. Instantaneously Maverick froze, his eyes darted to the door behind me and to my bag. He slunk down into the grass as if that were enough camouflage to save all his floof. I called him to me and he smooshed himself further into the earth. I called LOUDER since clearly all the hair on his head was also clogging his ears as he could obviously not hear me or see me because he had too much fluffing on top. Maverick slinked one slow foot after another, inching slower than a three-toed sloth in my general direction. He finally reached me and then had the guts to DART to the back door to save himself from his least favorite activity ... Haircut followed by Pictures. 
POOOOOR Professor Maverick. It must be so hard for you to be loved so much and taken care of! 
I just picture Maverick playing sad music in his head as he says goodbye to all his furry hair

~2 hours later: One very freshly cut and bathed dapper doodle!

"Can I have my treats now??"

Why Yes Maverick! Sorry you are tortured with love!!

Just when you think you've escaped....

You Haven't ;)



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