Monday, March 29, 2021

Mother Nature Always Wins

 Sometimes we have litters with lots of Doodle puppies 
and everyone rejoices!
Nothing brings us more joy than sharing happy puppy news!  
We love sharing tail wagging devotion! 
But sometimes
we have super small litters of puppies
and we can't fulfill the wishes of the families waiting for their new furry family member. We know this brings such sadness and it makes us sad as well.  Raising puppies is a beautiful happy event and the last thing we want is to make a family feel heartbroken.
It is so hard to wait for a puppy and it feels like forever when you are so excited about bringing one home.
And even though we try our very very best
Mother Nature Always Wins
We feel so lucky and so grateful for every single Yesteryear Acres puppy and we love every one!  Thank you to our future puppy families for their patience and understanding and we hope to have your perfect puppy soon. 

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