Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Finn: An Always Amelia Training Adventure

 Hi my name is Finn and I am a double doodle puppy that is staying at Camp Amelia for Always Amelia  training. Camp has been really fun so far! I am a very busy puppy learning a lot of new things! There are always fun activities going on too.

I am a really good boy when I get my nails trimmed
I really like it when I get lots of kisses from Amelia, she says I am the cutest!
Learning how to walk on a leash has been interesting... My favorite is when I can walk all the way back to the pond like a big boy!
All this learning makes me really sleepy
After nap time I am ready for more adventures together! 
I am making a lot of new friends too!
Merlin says he is a cat, but he sure acts like a puppy to me!
I like to bring Amelia all my toys and then take a nap in her lap. She is always super comfy.
Most of all, I am excited to have another week of camp!!
Can't wait to see how much I will learn!

Me too Finn!! You are such a sweet puppy!!



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