Sunday, August 15, 2021

Happy 34 Years!

 Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I celebrated 34 years of marriage today!  Our Wedding Anniversary often comes and goes without much fanfare.  Many of our anniversaries are spent processing sweet corn from the garden! Today we had a list a mile long of chores that needed done and we started our work day as we normally do.  Halfway through the day - our kids came over to take over the chores so that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I could do something fun!  
We went on a 13 mile bike ride together!!!!
Check out what we found on our ride
Guess it was a great day for everyone to be out biking!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres works so hard every day -
 it was so nice just to have fun together!
Thankful for the great day
Thankful for 34 years of true love
Happy Anniversary Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!!

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