Friday, August 27, 2021

Fri-YAY Play Day!

 Apple's doodle puppies are SO CUTE!!! I was so happy that the weather was much nicer today and I was able to have a little recess session outside with the puppies. 

Because when it is Fri-YAY....
Who doesn't want to be a puppy jungle gym?
This is the first time we have put Apples' puppies in a playpen
So not only is recess fun, it is a learning experience too!
Favorite toys always make the day a good day
Right little puppy?
"Right Amelia!"
"This is so fun! It even has our own pool!....Uh, I think we are supposed to drink that!"
"Don't ask me... I don't know who was eating the grass"
"This is so much fun!!" 
"Can we do this again tomorrow?"
Of course!!! Puppy Play Days are the BEST days!!

Happy Fri-Yay!!!



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