Monday, May 9, 2022

Dandelion Wishes

 Zucchini's F1B Labradoodle Puppies are enjoying this beautiful weather!  Goodbye rain!!!!!!!  This is so much better!
Here are our 2 available girls
Carnation Collar Girl
is ready FUR love!
Pink Argyle Collar Girl
hopes her dandelion wish comes true!
and the available boys......
Mr. Black Pawprints Collar Boy
is ready to share kisses and hugs
Mr. Blue Argyle Collar Boy
would love to be your walking buddy
Mr. Gummy Bear Collar Boy
has the silkiest softest coat to snuggle
Mr. Nautical Collar Boy
makes friends wherever he goes
Mr. Teddy Bear Collar Boy
Can't wait to find his pawrents!
email us at Doodles@yesteryearacres
to get your puppy kisses today!
Happy Monday!

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