Friday, June 17, 2022

Fri-Yay Puppy sPAW

While Mrs. Yesteryear Acres makes her way back home from the East Coast Puppy Road Trip, I have been holding down the fort here taking care of our sweet doodle puppies and doggies. With four sweet Magnolia puppies still waiting to be chosen as someone's furever best buddy, I wanted to do something extra fun with them-it is Fri-YAY after all! So since they didn't get to go on a long road trip, this afternoon we had a sPAW day! 
Peacock girl LOVES a good day at the sPAW!
Especially when treatments come with kisses!
Purple girl is here for the manicures!
Teddy Bear boy wants to be sure that everyone knows that a good sPAW trip isn't just for girls! Boys like to be pampered and brushed too!
Red Lava Boy says, "Amelia! Don't forget to clean my ears! I like they way it tickles"
Anything for you, my sweet goldendoodle cuties!!!

Happy Fri-YAY from the Puppy sPAW!



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