Thursday, June 16, 2022

Y Acres Clean Up

With all of the storm damage and downed trees, Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been working endlessly to try and get everything cleaned up. We had a whole tree blocking the gravel road back to the garden and a huge section of gravel got washed away by the last round of flooding. Between the pop-up thunderstorms today, Mr. Yesteryear Acres got all of this done...
That is ONE section of the tree that was blocking the gravel road!
Maverick says, "Hmmm, this smells like a campfire night!"
"Look Mom! It's taller than me!"
Our newest order of #2 gravel came in today to fill in the missing CHUNK of the road
Now we can walk back to the garden again!
The doodles don't know what to think of all the changes Mother Nature has done to poor Yesteryear Acres.
One thing we do know...We are so grateful to have our sunset walking path back up and running
A HUGE Thank You to Mr. Yesteryear Acres for bringing back the magic!

All your hard work and tail wagging devotion never go unnoticed!

Thanks Dad!!!



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