Sunday, March 31, 2024

Quilt Top Y Acres Studio

 Always Amelia is busy working on completing the Quilt of Love and I have been in and out of the Studio assisting when I can. Our goal this week is to get the completed quilt top loaded onto the quilting machine so Amelia can quilt it. We are trying to squeeze in whatever time we have left in the day to get this beautiful quilt back to its family.
Hi Mama! Do you need help with the borders?
I'll make sure the stitches are nice and secure
They pass! Time to put them on the quilt top
I am the best helper!
I know! I will help grandma with the batting while my Mom sews!
Time for the squish test!
Woah...This is a big quilt! We better get it loaded so Mama can start quilting soon!
Phew! Thank goodness for Hazel
Or we might have never gotten this quilt ready for the long arm!
One Quilt Top ready for some Y Acres Studio Action!
HOPPY Studio Sunday!

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