Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cuddles and Puddles

Our daughter Amelia not only helps us with everything here at Yesteryear Acres but she also trains puppies to be good little doggies.  Some puppies go through her training program before they ever leave for their new homes and some puppies come back for training later. Training with Amelia means Cuddles AND Puddles!!!!
If you look closely at this idyllic scene....you will notice the doggies have chosen the wettest, muckiest, soupiest part of our entire lawn. 
 Did I play in the wet grass and puddles? Why do you ask? 
Training walks are the best
I am learning "Place" 
The best part of the day.... Cuddle Time!!!!
One last kiss before I go back to Amelia's
Thanks for the Cuddles....and the fun Puddles!!!!!!!

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