Sunday, May 20, 2018

H & H Security

This Mother's Day I received the most wonderful present ever. After spending so much time with my son's Belgian Malinois Hank, I was longing for my very own personal protection doggie.  While Doodle Doggies will always be Number One in my heart and will always be the very best best best family doggies ever, our Doodle Doggies don't have that look about them that says, "Leave the Security Division to Me".  I really enjoy having Hank here at Yesteryear Acres. As I helped my son with training Hank to be a security doggie rather than training him to be a "I love EVERYBODY" doggie, I grew more attached to Hank than I expected. Saying goodbye to Hank each evening as he left to go home with my son was becoming more difficult.  Cleary, Yesteryear Acres "needed" a full-time security doggie. 
Being in charge of security all by myself is a lonesome job.
I need a friend!
Introducing "Hickory"
 the missing part of the Yesteryear Acres H & H Security Team
This is the first picture I received of Hickory
What a love!
Hickory's Dad 
Hickory is saying, "I want to work with Hank when I grow up!" 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres drove 9 hours EACH WAY so I could bring home Hickory 
I love him! 
The long drive home 
Welcome Home Hickory! 
Everyone fell in love with Hickory right away
And he loved everyone right back 
Uncle Hank and Austin time! 
Instant best friends 
Hank makes a great pillow 
Hickory is a perfect best friend
He loves to bring sticks for Hank 
"Security" work is exhausting 
I have some big paws to grow into 
Hank will teach me everything I need to learn 
Thank you for my Hickory! 
Because I am sure we NEEDED him! 
Hickory we love you! 
You are a very good puppy
And a great listener 
Welcome to the family! 
H & H Security
Always Faithful and....

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