Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Adventures of Gus

This week I have been training and boarding Sugar's goldendoodle boy named Gus. He is so sweet and very eager to please. This week we have worked on, walking on a leash, puppy manners, puzzles, long walks, potty training, as well as sleeping in a crate at night. Gus is doing really well! He started out like most puppies on a leash - very rock like- and now is a real live puppy walking beside me on his leash! I am so proud of little Gus Gus! 
Hi Everyone! I'm Gus!
Look at me walking like a really good boy!
I get lots and lots of kisses when I am doing a good job
It's hard work being a puppy. I have lots of things I've been learning
Like how to solve this darn puzzle that keeps hiding my cheerios
But the tasty snacks and 'Good Boy' belly rubs make it worth it
Amelia takes me everywhere
It's always an adventure with this girl
Sometimes we walk all the way through the woods AND around the pond
Then I get the freezer teething toy to cool down and get my gums all frosty and delicious
But my favorite thing of all is being right next to humans, and maybe a nap or two!
Hope everyone is having an adventure this week!



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