Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sugar's Goldendoodle Snuggle Pile of Hugs

Do you want to know what a sunny Tuesday feels like at Yesteryear Acres? It feels like this.....
Time to play 
Running down the hill is so much fun 
Let's see who is the fastest 
Here we come! 

I won! 
Let's do that again! 

I am in the lead 

Here we come again 
Puppy Formation begin!!!! 
It's the.....Puppy Parade!!! 
 It's the ..... Puppy Brigade!!! 
It's the ... Puppy Platoon! 
It's the....Puppy Patrol 

Do you know what I am? 
The Puppy Landscaper! 
This is the best game ever 

Do you want to know why we run and run with happiness??? 

Because if we run really fast and
Come when we are called....... 
This is what waits for us!!!
A Snuggle Pile of Hugs!

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