Sunday, May 24, 2020

Birthday Announcement

We had the funniest birthday announcement from one of our puppy families. It was too good not to share!!!!!
Hi Mrs Doodle!
Another 2 weeks and I’ll be 1!!!

We were planning a trip to Spain, then Italy, then a river Cruise through France, then go visit the Westminster Dog Show, then finish it off with an Alaskan Cruise to celebrate my birthday. But, we had to cancel due to that human virus thing. So, we’re just going to the park to play Frisbee. 

Bark at ya soon
Astro, the wonder dog. 
Dear Astro,
Happy 1st Birthday!!!!!! Thank goodness every dog knows that the best adventure is a frisbee adventure! We hope you get some awesome high flying frisbee fun to bring you tail wagging happiness on your birthday!!!! 

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