Friday, May 22, 2020


Mother Nature must have read my blog yesterday because late this afternoon WE HAD SUNSHINE! She must have really loved Ernie McDoodle's happy go lucky attitude and decided to grant some sunny happiness to all the humans and doodles alike here at Yesteryear Acres. I was sitting in the studio piecing together a quilt back when I looked out the window and gasped, "IS THAT THE SUN!?!" Sure enough it was! It was 70*, sunny, and lusciously green outside. We had to go on a walk ASAP. I grabbed the Doodle doggies, pulled my Mom away from the longarm quilting machine, and herded everyone outside. We were not going to miss one second of beautiful sunny vitamin D time!
"Look Mom!! My fur is all red and full of sunshine!"
"I just love the warmth of the sun on my back and wind in my ears"
"Look at all this green grass!"
"It just smells wonderful!"
"Hey Mom! Want to see how tall the hayfield is?"
"Great idea! Let's go brother!!!"
My two sweet doodles, butts swinging in unison!
It was so sunny we even had shadows again!
"Hey Ernie, can you still see me?"
"Hmm, maybe the horses are on to something, this hay is delicious!" 
Thank you Mother Nature! This is exactly what the humans needed!
Everything looks like the beginning of an enchanted fairy forest! 
"Okay Mom! Time to go back inside and make dinner!"

Mmm dinner does sound good Ernie! What a beautiful sunny late afternoon surprise!



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