Sunday, May 17, 2020

Doodle Do

Amelia and I were having our morning coffee when ....
We got a wonderful idea!!!
We should make Doodle Scrunchies!!!!!
We got busy right away!!!! 
Final touches 
Grits LOVES her new Doodle Do 
She looks lovely! 
Olive wanted one too! 
Now We Have Matching Scrunchies!!!!!! 
We obviously need to make more!!!!! 
Once we start sewing..... 
There is no stopping us!
Wait - we had another great idea..... 
We will make them to match our face masks! 
Coordinated looks! 
Pick your scrunchie! 
Obviously we needed to make a few more..... 
Or maybe more than just a few!!!! 
Scrunchies now available from YA Studio!

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