Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Garden Two Ways

 It is the best time of the year! I know that most people think about Christmas time and holidays spent with family and friends... but it is GARDEN season! And you know how my vegetarian heart feels about fresh veggies! Our wonderful Yesteryear Acres garden is providing so many wonderful farm fresh meals for us. Recently we had Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my favorite- Ham, Green Beans, and Potatoes! Made two ways of course :)
First we used our fresh picked and snipped green beans
Plus our first potatoes of the season!
And then threw them all in big pot, plus some ham if you are a meat eater. Then let it cook and soak in all the flavors for several hours.
My way looked like this- butter golden garden potatoes
Topped with as many green beans as I could fit into the pan!
Stir your delicious dinner every so often
You know you are getting closer when the beans start turning that tender dark green color
Then it is time to dig in!! No Ham, Green beans, and Potatoes!!
It's the best time of the year!!!
Another bowl please!



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