Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Growing Tails of Ruby Lou: Everybody’s Buddy

 Miss Ruby Lou is being such a good girl! She is minding her manners, doing well with potty training, and is excelling in the craft of cuddling. Now that Ruby can go up and downstairs, she’s my little constant shadow! Most of all, Ruby Lou is everybody’s buddy!
She and Gracie became fast friends!
“Isn’t walking together fun?!”
Ruby has never met a toy she doesn’t like… “A gorilla for me?! I love him!!”
“Ohh and a bone!! Thank you!!”
She hasn’t met a  person she doesn’t like either! 
I want to be just like Ernie when I grow up!
Big, red, and friend to all!
At 3 months old and 30lbs and the sweetest puppy around, I’d say you are almost already there Miss Ruby Lou!!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Can you please post pictures of Mango and Skipper the dogs having a double doodle litter in Oct? We have a deposit in and would like to see the parents. Thanks.


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