Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Growing Tails of Ruby Lou: I Can Do That!

Miss Ruby Lou is being SUCH a good girl! We are having minimal accidents and she has been accident free overnight in her crate for quite some time now! I am so thrilled with her progress! Ruby Lou is super proud of herself! She says, "I am a big girl! I can do that!"
Ruby Lou is really good at cuddling
And has officially learned how to get up on the couch 
"All by myself!"
She is doing wonderfully with her leash training
"I can do that too!"
Ruby loves to find the fish before we feed them
"There they are Mom!"
"Let's feed the fish!"
"Oh that was a big splash!"
"Good thing you had me to help!"
Absolutely my "little" Ruby!
And guess what Ruby Lou can do now!?! Go up and DOWN the stairs! All by herself!!
(Which at 28.0 lbs and growing, I am so grateful she figured this out so quickly!)
Ruby Lou got a surprise present from a very dear friend of mine!
Ruby Lou, say "Thank You!"
"I love my special gifts so much!"
"I can even grab it like a big girl!"
"I am going to love this forever and ever! Thank you!"
Ruby Lou says, "I can do that!"
And she can!!!


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