Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Growing Tails of Ruby Lou: Expert Level Achieved

 It's another Watch Me Grow Wednesday with silly Ruby Lou! Ruby weighs in at 35lbs this week. She has been minding all her manners and is being a very good girl. Her proudest moment of the week is reaching Expert Level: Corn Husker!
We have been processing corn out of the Yesteryear Acres garden for what feels like weeks now, and Ruby has been a very good helper doodle indeed!
First she takes a freshly picked ear of corn
Tips it to the side so she can grab the top
And then RUN RUN RUN
Bonus points for shaking 
And leaping
Until all the corn silk is pulled out
Then she is ready to pull off the husk
With happy tail wagging celebrations with each piece that she gets off
Ready for the next one!
A doodle's work is never done
Expert Level Achieved! 
"We are done already!?"
Look at all the corn you did Ruby!
Now that's a good farm dog!
"Delicious work if you ask me!"
Ready for dinner and Ruby Lou approved!



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  1. Is Ruby Lou our Sophie Belle’s sister?? Birthday April 27??


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