Sunday, March 12, 2023

Please Wear Fish - Y Acres Studio

 I am sure it is no surprise that all of my shirts and sweatshirts have some kind of Y Acres Studio artwork or embroidery work on them.  I love wearing brightly colored designs! As soon as William comes over he runs over to see what I have on my shirt.  The last few times he kept making fishy noises while pointing to me.  
Clearly Grandma Fishy needs to get to work!
William loves designs on the front AND back of my shirts
I think he will love the front of this shirt!
I decided to do an extra large applique' design for the back
I love this Koi Fish
Definitely needed the lily pad
I might be able to add a few more decorative stiches here and there
but for now
Grandma Fishy is ready to wear!
Happy Sunday from Y Acres Studio

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