Thursday, March 30, 2023

Y Acres Tree Services

 The wind storm we had this past weekend really did some significant damage.  We have so many branches, tree limbs and downed trees from the storm. The worst was at Always Amelia's place.
She lost one of her huge beautiful pine trees!
We do not know how we got so lucky that the tree missed both the fence and the building. Even with that luck, this was a big job.
Thankfully, we called Y Acres Tree Services (aka Mr. Yesteryear Acres, Austin and Ben) to come and save the day.
Austin put his best inspectors on the job to survey the site.
Dolly, Pepper and Salt gave clear instructions on how to safely remove the tree and Y Acres Tree Services got busy!
With careful supervision from the tree goats - 
7 hours later....
Serenity was restored at Always Amelia's place
Thank you Y Acres Tree Services
You really got to the root of the problem!!!!

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