Sunday, March 5, 2023

Trying Something New Y Acres Studio

 This has been a quiet week up in the Y Acres Studio.  Most of our time has been spent taking care of the Devon Rex kittens and preparing for the arrival of Always Amelia's Y Acres Baby.  As soon as we can find some free time we are so excited to try something new up in the Studio!!!
We have a few new purchases we can't wait to get started on.
A first for Y Acres Studio....buying patterns!!!
We always draft and create our own patterns but thought it would be so much fun to see what other designers are creating.
I am super excited to make this one...of course in super bright colors!
Inset zippers, double outside zippers, webbing.....Count me in!
Stay tuned for some awesome new bags!
Happy Sunday from Y Acres Studio

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