Friday, March 3, 2023

Fri-YAY Thank You!

 Happy Fri-YAY everyone!!!! 
Today marks my 34th week of pregnancy! My little girl is now about the size of a pineapple, the weight of a 5lb bag of flour, and THREE 5lb bags of flour long!!! We are officially coming into the home stretch now! 
I wanted to sincerely thank everyone for showering us in love last Sunday!!!! My heart is beyond full with all of the amazing support and love my little one has already. I was simply overflowing with joy and excitement at my baby shower! I can't believe she is coming so soon!!! I did receive a few boxes of wonderful things that did not have names attached to who they were from. So if you did not receive a Thank You from me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! I wholeheartedly appreciate my whole family - Doodle and Devon families included!!- and I want to make sure that each person knows how much they mean to me and my little one!
Here are a few pictures from the Baby Shower...
I did NOT know doodle swaddles and clothes existed and now I have a new mission in life for her closet!
One of my favorite things growing up was how much my Mom read to me, and I am SO excited to continue that tradition and read to my daughter 
A library full of love!
A little break to show off the baby bump! Complete with comfy slippers of course!
We LOVE puppies around here!
Making her little hand prints into ornaments is going to be so adorable!
Books to match her bunny and her dragon pajamas! 
Some BUNNY is coming soon!
Sweet little girl, I cannot wait for your arrival!! 
I am so thankful each and every day! Thank you all for all your love and support!

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