Friday, November 3, 2023

But Not Maverick…

It was a gorgeous Fri-Yay and the Doodle Doggies only had one thing on their mind…
FETCH of course! 
It is time for fetch!
THROW THE BALLLLL! We are ready to GO!
...But not Maverick
Maverick had other ideas
Fetch for 3??
Weeeeeee agree!
Let us run 
And ask to go again
And again and again
But not Maverick....
He liked to wander into the field and
Stand looking around
Maverick said, "Sniffing the ground is obviously way more interesting than a slobbery chuck-it-ball"
All the doggies were tired
With their tongues flopping in happy fetch satisfaction
Rewarding themselves with grass scratches for a job well done 
But not Maverick...
 He continued to march to the beat of his own drum and sunbathe!
Whether you played with the pack or had a Maverick “Me” day - We hope you had a very happy Fri-Yay just they way you like it!

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