Thursday, November 2, 2023

Power Outage Soup

Picture this- it’s a BEAUTIFUL Autumn day- the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the air is crisp-yet not biting. It’s LOVELY… when all of a sudden the power goes off. The Yesteryear Acres house gave one loud “beeeeeeeeeep” in protest and left us all in a dark and unusual quiet space. I wasn’t about to admit it out loud, but I was afraid it was my fault. Just this morning I was reflecting on the things I am thankful for (being November and all) and I thought to myself how I am thankful for electricity and running water and how I have privilege in not worrying about access to these on a daily basis. So CLEARLY I JINXED MY WHOLE TOWN! Y’all I am SO SORRY! And what is worse… our power company said power will not be restored until after 11pm tonight. 
So since I am obviously to blame, I got to work on gathering candles, lanterns, and head lamps. Then I brainstormed a dinner idea and I am pleased to present you with 
Power Outage Soup
Directions- go outside and use outdoor cookery as heat source, open cans of tomato soup and add VERY cold water (as there is and will not be any warm water)
Next add butter, bread, and cheese in the form of grilled cheese (my phone clearly captured the light much better than my eyes in person as many of the sandwiches were in the darker scale of burnt-ness. Oops!)
Think warm thoughts with the bestest little helper Hazel
And be thankful for the ability to still feed the Yesteryear Acres Family
And Voila! Dinner by lantern light!
Don’t worry- The power just came on…
Just in time to do dishes Hahahaha!
Thankful for Power Outage Soup

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