Thursday, November 9, 2023

Personal Doodle Dishwasher

 When I say my beloved Ernie McDoodle takes his jobs seriously, I mean he REALLY takes his jobs seriously. He is the best baby helper around! If I drop my keys and I can’t bend down, there is Ernie ready with keys in hand… well mouth really, he always is prepared to lend a helping paw! 
Most of all Ernie takes his high chair duty to heart. Never has a dog been more tail-wagging devoted to a baby learning how to eat than sweet Ernie. 
“Oh Hazel…. Are you done with your lunch?”
It appears that you are done with your meal… Are you in need of assistance?
Personal doodle dishwasher at your service 
Mmm smells like you had some wheat cereal and blackberries for lunch
Ohh and I’m getting a hint of carrot purée as well
Let me just take care of this for you 
“Thank you Ernie!”
Oh anytime little one!
You make my day!
Ernie only ever has one question…
“That’s delicious Hazel! Thank you for sharing. Do you mind if I ask…What’s for the next meal?”
Hope you are in the mood for some acorn squash! 
We love you Ernie McDoodle!

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