Monday, September 4, 2017

Chocolate and Caramel Treats for Monday

Nutmeg's adorable Chocolate and Caramel Double Doodle puppies are little bundles of joy.  Here are your chocolate and caramel treats for Monday!
It is a nice day for venturing outside 
Gather Round 
It is time for Puppy Picture Monday! 
Did you get the picture? 
Let's pose again 
Better hurry 
We have things to do 
Can we go play now? 
I want to find Amelia 
Oh Amelia! 
Is she over here? 
She is over this way!!!! 
Found you! 
Can't wait for my turn 
Good little puppies 
Amelia always gives the best snuggles 
I gave her an extra big hug 
Is it my turn yet? 
Oh Boy Oh Boy! I am next!

That was great 
Amelia....can I have another turn? 
Me too! 
Yay!  More Puppy Cuddles!
Happy Monday!

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