Friday, September 8, 2017

Shhhh They'll Never Know

Mr. and Mrs. Yesteryear Acres had to run errands all day, which meant I was left here to get all of our work done. Now I don't mind the extra work at all, but with my sister and her new husband gone, their doodles, AND with my brother and his dog gone too... it was a bit lonely here at Yesteryear Acres. Maverick was even looking a little forlorn without an extra doodle buddy to romp around with. This is when I got my awfully awesome plan... I'll just go get Grits! They will never know! I mean...
Who could say no to this face? 
They just want to play fetch.... 
Everyone knows two is better than one!
Look at all the healthy extra exercise they are getting! 
Maverick looks so much happier! 
You mean this doodle? I have no idea how she got inside without a bath after playing in the pond yesterday...
She doesn't smell at all!
You won't even notice her because she's obviously just a lapdog! Not big at all....
Nope! Nothing to see here folks!!!

SHHHH! They'll never know!!



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