Wednesday, September 6, 2017


My daughter's friend is to the point in his dental schooling that he can begin seeing actual patients.  His first non-family member patient was my daughter - and she came home from her exam with a huge smile on her face.  I was shocked as my daughter and I do not like the dentist.  At all.  In fact we loathe going to the dentist.  There is nothing about the dentist that we like.  Our shared mutual hatred of the dentist prevents us from getting timely checkups.  My daughter had promised her friend that when he could begin to see patients, she would go.  I applauded her bravery.  When she came home and said it was the best dentist exam ever and was smiling....I decided that I would also be brave.  This was a hard decision because the dental school exams take FOREVER.  As in HOURS AND HOURS.  Each step has to be checked and signed off by a Professor, so it is a rather long process.  Today was my dental appointment and.... I came home smiling too! It is the only time I have ever had a dental appointment where I did not grip my arm rest or curl my toes or leap from my chair.  I had not one bit of pain or discomfort and my teeth are now shiny white and clean! I even promised to go back ON TIME for my next visit.  Looks like my daughter's friend chose a perfect career path as he is as talented as he is friendly and caring.  I even got a present for the Doodle Doggies!

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