Sunday, September 24, 2017

You just said, "Not the Pond"!!!

Every single day, the very best highlight of the day for the Doodle Doggies is going to the pond to feed the fish. They love that job.  There is nothing better than watching the fish come up to the surface to grab their fish chow.
Do that again!
All the Doodle Doggies love it.  All the Doodle Doggies are content to watch the fish. And then..........there is Grits. 
Grits thinks this is the only proper way to "help" feed the fish.
Lately we have been having discussions with Grits.  "Grits, please do not go in the pond today and then come out soaking wet and then shake all over the kitchen and get everything in the house soaking wet and muddy."
Today Grits did not go in the pond.
Not at all.
Grits went in the woods. 
"You just said, NOT the pond!" 
I didn't go in the pond! 
I went in the burrs! least she isn't wet!

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