Friday, September 15, 2017

"Eye" Just Can't See You Working Today

The old adage, "An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away" didn't hold true for Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  Despite his apple picking and apple eating adventures yesterday, a doctor call was necessary this morning. Mr. Yesteryear Acres got something in his eye yesterday and his eye just got worse and worse as the day continued.  Last night Mr. Yesteryear Acres hardly slept because his eye was bothering him so much.  This morning he didn't look so great so we got him to the ophthalmologist first thing.  Thankfully the doctor was able see Mr. Yesteryear Acres right away and he now has prescription eye medication and his eye should be better in a few days.  Even though Mr. Yesteryear Acres wanted to help work today, we all told him to just take it easy.
Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres,
"Eye" Just can't see you working today!
Don't worry though!  We have things covered!

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