Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Thankfulness Day 7 - Maple Tuesday Smiles

Maple's Double Doodle puppies will all be heading to their new homes this weekend.  They have brought us nothing but endless joy and smiles.  We are so thankful to spend our days with such cuteness and love!
Let's play follow the leader!
No! let's play Hide and Seek! You go hide and I will find you
Wait! Give me time to find a place to hide!
Hmmm can you help us find Mr. Red boy?
Look Amelia! My collar matches the leaves! I found the best hiding place ever!
Silly Mr. Red! We can still see you!!
That was fun! But now let's follow Amelia..
Amelia! Amelia!!! Come play with us
Can we play chase? PLEASE?!


Everyone get her!!
We are the fastest doodles ever! With the agility and grace of an amazing cheetah too
Right Amelia?!
You've never had to run so fast before
Hey... Wait up!

Yes little doodles, you are just the best! What good little puppies!!!!!

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