Friday, November 17, 2017

Thankfulness - Doodle Nights - November 17th

Things usually wind down here each evening around 10-10:30pm.  We often have plans to call it quits earlier with the hopes that maybe just maybe we could sit down and relax by 9:00pm but I can count the times that has actually happened on one hand.  Invariably something happens and it is after 10pm before the boots and socks come off and the slippers finally are on. You would think we might just sit down on the couch and relax.....
Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!!!!  You are done working for the night!!!!!!! 
Hooray!  Snuggle time! 
Amelia's lap looks like the very best place to sit! 
Doodle nights always make us feel thankful and loved
Ummmm Mrs. Yesteryear Acres?  YOUR TURN!
Ahhhh......That's better!

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