Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thankful.....I LOVE CANDY! November 18th

I admit it.  I Love Candy.  Anyone who knows me is well aware of my candy-loving nature.  When I was young, candy was not something we ever had and so now I celebrate candy and revel in my love of candy with childlike enthusiasm. I  love having candy in the house EVEN if I don't eat it.  Just having it near me makes me happy.  Candy is a special treat sitting by my desk saying, "Hi - I am delicious and full of happiness".  I am thankful for both my love of candy and my ability to eat candy.  Last night I was telling my son that at the Doodle Breeder Conference in New York City, they had "Caramel M&M's" and I LOVED them.  I think I ate almost every bag at the conference and I wish I had more! Right then and there at 10pm last night, my son started his car, and said, "Well let's go get some!"  So we did!  Late night candy run to the store!  That is double the thankfulness.  Time with my son AND candy!  What is better?  I can't think of anything!
Now this is an excellent grocery adventure!
Thanks Austin!

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