Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thankfulness Day 9- Sunshine in Fall

Today I am thankful for the sunshine!! It has been quite dreary outside lately and a bit drizzly too, but today SUNSHINE!! It was so warm, so bright, and oh so lovely. I think all the doodles liked it too! The leaves that have fallen were finally dry enough for them to romp around in. We spent a majority of the day just enjoying as much sunshine as we could. With all the crazy weather that has been happening, you never really know when the sunshine will come back again! Today I am thankful for our wonderful sunny day.

The colors almost looked on fire in the sunlight

With no coats required outside! Hemingway was more than happy to take that off my hands...

Isn't today amazing? My leaves are so crunchy!

I love sunshine in the fall!

We are thankful for sunshine!



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