Monday, November 27, 2017

Thankful Mondays! November 27th

Puppy Picture Monday is always something to be thankful for.  I love having cute Doodle puppy pictures to post. Mondays are full of "awwwwws" and "ohhhhhh" and cuddles! 
With this lovely November weather, Peaches Double Doodle puppies took their very first trip outside 
where they posed for their picture 
and kept posing 
and then posed some more 
Peaches Puppies......Let's go play! 
Is this how you do it? 
I think I will just watch 
We are all done now 
MOMMY!  We are ready to go back in!!!!!!!

Let's see how Scout's Goldendoodle puppies do on their first outdoor adventure 
Here you go little puppies ... go play!
I don't want to get my paws dirty 
We don't want to get our paws dirty either!!!!! 
Let's climb up here! 
 Let me wipe my paw off on this nice pink cushion 
There you go! 
Our paws are nice and clean now 
So you can take us back inside 
Thank you for our first adventure!
Happy Thankful Monday!

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