Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thankfulness - Awesome Vet Day - November 14

We are so very thankful for our awesome vet and the continuing excellent service we receive here at Yesteryear Acres. Having a veterinarian you trust and who cares for your animals as much as you do is such a blessing. Our vet is really the best! Yesterday was our annual vet check up day for all our four-legged bestest buddies.  Every one of our Doggies and our Puppies and our Kitties and our Cats saw the vet. It was terrific hearing all the compliments about our beloved Yesteryear Acres four-legged family members. They really are the best behaved animals and the vet just loves them!
Nutmeg says, "Thank you for listening to my heart doc!" 
Petunia says, "Thanks for the nice compliment on my pearly whites!" 
Glacier says, "Wake me when the exam is done!" 
Mango says, "Amelia....I have to get a shot" 
"And it didn't even hurt!" 
A good check up for all!
Thank you for our Awesome Vet Day!

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