Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Happy First Day of Spring?

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring! But someone forgot to tell Mother Nature the good news. Here at Yesteryear Acres we awoke to ice covering all the trees and the ground! UM HELLO?!? Did she not get the memo? First day of SPRING??? I don't know about you... but walking in a winter wonder-ice-land doesn't exactly invoke the same kind of feelings as flowers coming out to bloom and birds chirping overhead. We even have 2-5 INCHES of snow coming! If someone could please get a hold of the weather for me, I would like to place a complaint.
THIS is not a vision of springtime...
Poor little bush... just trying to be green and spring like

Where are the birds? The bunnies? The happy little flowers?
They are hiding, because everything is ICE!!!
I ask again... First Day of Spring???
Someone please hit the off button for winter. Please and thank you.



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