Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Adventures of Bear

This week I have been training and boarding Blue's Double Doodle boy named Bear. He is the sweetest, goofiest, fluff-ball! I can't believe how much he reminds me of Blue when she was just a young pup herself. I guess this apple didn't fall too far from the tree! We have been working on a lot of leash work as well as crate training at night. Bear now is a 'real' puppy on his leash and walks around instead of his beginning 'I am a rock' phase. We now go on long walks together and he is a champ!  Bear is even getting better and better at sleeping in his crate. Last night he only cried for 7 minutes!!! (I was pretty grateful for that one!) 
Hi! I am Bear!
I like to go for walks in the sunshine!
I am really good at giving eye contact 
And stealing a smooch or two :)
I am super smart and have mastered the puzzle ball for pieces of food
But most of all, I LOVE cuddles!!!

I can't wait to spend the rest of the week and weekend with you Bear!!



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