Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Happy Pi Day!

It is no secret that I, Amelia, do NOT like math. I have always tried to like math... but it didn't like me first!!! The numbers move all around when I try and solve problems and THEN the alphabet got involved... it is a disaster zone for me. I suffered through math over the years like a good I am clearly blameless in all of this! BUT today is a day of math I can agree with. IT'S PI DAY!!!! As a baker, I decided we absolutely needed to celebrate this wonderful holiday. After talking to the Yesteryear Acres clan on what kind of pie to make, I decided to use my new Pie Love cookbook for a different crust recipe (I won this cookbook in an epic Christmas exchange battle) and filling it with an old tried and true recipe. 
This year's pi day is brought to you by... Apple pie with Cinnamon-Butter piecrust 
I love how much darker the crust was with the addition of spices!
Apple filling ready to go
Time for the top!
A few vents...
And a little decoration too!
Who wants pie??

Happy Pi Day Everyone!



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